Bookkeeping using Excel or Google Sheets 2.nd edition

Bookkeeping using Excel or Google Sheets 2.nd edition

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This text in a hundred pages explains how to make a bookkeeping and financial reporting system in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. It is the simpler, faster, and better 2.nd edition of a tried-and-tested double-entry system, whose edition was already smart, dependable, and easy to use. The text pragmatically and directly links accounting, ICT, and business management. It covers profit a loss, balance sheet, cash flow, explanatory notes a specifications, journal a ledger, rolling a fixed budget, group consolidation and KPI monitoring, system audit, error checking, data validation, and troubleshooting. The system features automated sales tax/VAT with multiple rates and withheld tax, IFRS/GAAP compliant currency accounting with daily spot rate lookup, multiple reporting entities with multiple banks and types of bills, and unique hard-to-get facilities like dynamic single-entry sub-accounting, spreadsheet formula integration, and reporting in other languages. The author is a senior businessperson with an MBA degree from Henley Business School, who owns and manages a portfolio of firms. The design is free from programming (VBA, scripts, macrosa€b) and hard limit usage tiers (number of businesses, reports, accounts, records, currenciesa€b).I implemented such a spreadsheet-based accounting system on Microsoft Excel in 2010, and when in 2012 it was ... one can share spreadsheets selectively, and Google Inc. takes care of software maintenance and capacity managementanbsp;...

Title:Bookkeeping using Excel or Google Sheets 2.nd edition
Author:Martin Mosfeldt, MBA
Publisher:Martin Mosfeldt - 2014-08-23


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