Boron Rich Solids

Boron Rich Solids

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The objective of this book is to discuss the current status of research and development of boron-rich solids as sensors, ultra-high temperature ceramics, thermoelectrics, and armor. Novel biological and chemical sensors made of stiff and light-weight boron-rich solids are very exciting and efficient for applications in medical diagnoses, environmental surveillance and the detection of pathogen and biological/chemical terrorism agents. Ultra-high temperature ceramic composites exhibit excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance for hypersonic vehicle applications. Boron-rich solids are also promising candidates for high-temperature thermoelectric conversion. Armor is another very important application of boron-rich solids, since most of them exhibit very high hardness, which makes them perfect candidates with high resistance to ballistic impact. The following topical areas are presented: a€cBoron-rich solids: science and technology a€cSynthesis and sintering strategies of boron rich solids a€cMicrocantilever sensors a€cScreening of the possible boron-based thermoelectric conversion materials; a€cUltra-high temperature ZrB2 and HfB2 based composites a€cMagnetic, transport and high-pressure properties of boron-rich solids a€cRestrictions of the sensor dimensions for chemical detection a€cArmorAlready in 1857 Friedrich WAphler and Henri Sainte-Claire Deville [14, 15], heating up boron oxide and aluminium, obtained three ... Until 2007, it was the only light element, for which the ground ______ 2 The story of how Gay-Lussac and ThAcnard ... And none PHASE DIAGRAM AND NOVEL HIGH-PRESSURE PHASE 209.

Title:Boron Rich Solids
Author:Nina Orlovskaya, Mykola Lugovy
Publisher:Springer - 2010-10-01


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