Boundary Value Problems for Linear Evolution Partial Differential Equations

Boundary Value Problems for Linear Evolution Partial Differential Equations

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Most of the problems posed by Physics to Mathematical Analysis are boundary value problems for partial differential equations and systems. Among them, the problems concerning linear evolution equations have an outstanding position in the study of the physical world, namely in fluid dynamics, elastodynamics, electromagnetism, plasma physics and so on. This Institute was devoted to these problems. It developed essentially the new methods inspired by Functional Analysis and specially by the theories of Hilbert spaces, distributions and ultradistributions. The lectures brought a detailed exposition of the novelties in this field by world known specialists. We held the Institute at the Sart Tilman Campus of the University of Liege from September 6 to 17, 1976. It was attended by 99 participants, 79 from NATO Countries [Belgium (30), Canada (2), Denmark (I), France (15), West Germany (9), Italy (5), Turkey (3), USA (14)] and 20 from non NATO Countries [Algeria (2), Australia (3), Austria (I), Finland (1), Iran (3), Ireland (I), Japan (6), Poland (1), Sweden (I), Zair (1)]. There were 5 courses of_ 6_ h. ollI'. s~. 1. nL lJ. , h. t;l. l. I. rlq~, 1. n, L , _ h. t;l. l. I. r. !'~ , ?_ n. f~ ?_ h, , problem. 5.Q! Fbi. nl.2.... find. v(n). sucH. tbatj. (5.38) and (5.39) a#39;w(n)eL2(0, T;V), va#39; nU2(0, T;V) (i.e.v(n)eHMd), with w^Wu)) iw[n)ApLaquot;(0, T; L2(]o, b[)) for almost every t in [0, T]: (D+w(n), v-v(n))+a(v(n), v-w(n))+J (v)-J (v(n))agt; agt;Ln(t)(v(0)-w(n)(0, t)) Va#39;veV , ( n) (5.^0) wv aquot;a#39;(jt ... t5.kk). ft|Aro(b)=0, if p53 a™co(b)-0 and a™cAr(0)-f (O)-fj(O) if pagt;3 In our case the aquot;compatibilityaquot; conditions on the corners are TOPICS IN PARABOLICanbsp;...

Title:Boundary Value Problems for Linear Evolution Partial Differential Equations
Author:H.G. Garnir
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1977


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