British Language & Culture

British Language & Culture

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We're chuffed to bits to present this tour of Ole Blighty's lingo. It's the dog's bollocks! Try it out on the lads down your local, have a few pints, and don't worry about sounding naff - if it all goes pear-shaped, wait for the sound of 'Oh, bless!' as they pat you on the back and buy you another bevvie. -Features special sections on Scottish, Welsh, Cornish, and Scots (Lallans). -Lonely Planet's English Language a Culture series gets behind the scenes of languages you thought you knew. -Get into the culture and humour behind common - and not so common - English expressions and learn about the local languages that inspired them.... vandalism; the wearing of fake sportswear and cheap jewellery; the driving of poorly customised second-hand cars; ... to the popularity of the website www., which claims to offer a#39;a usera#39;s guide to Britaina#39;s new ruling classa#39;.

Title:British Language & Culture
Author:David Else
Publisher:Lonely Planet - 2007


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