Building Arguments

Building Arguments

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'Building Arguments' offers a fresh new approach to informal logic - successfully combining an accessible style with a rigorous, systematic treatment of argument: -It integrates reasoning and writing, teaching readers to argue effectively and communicate ideas in persuasive prose. -It combines fundamental topics of critical thinking into broader discussions of reasoning. So where other books may treat fallacy identification and avoidance, induction and deduction, and validity and soundness as ends in themselves, 'Building Arguments' presents these topics in a practical yet philosophically sound context. -It includes entertaining and relevant examples and exercises drawn from sports, popular advertising, current events, and many academic areas. -'Building Arguments' is unique in its emphasis on helping readers to develop their own persuasive arguments as well as to evaluate arguments from other sources. Using a writing level and organization guided by the principles of reading development, the author introduces material gradually - moving from a very accessible level to a more rigorous one. The result? A book unique in its ability to foster philosophically-based argument analysis while promoting reasoning and writing skills across the curriculum.And why shouldna#39;t an animal rights activist use medicines developed through animal experimentation? ... work toward a reasonable position on this issue that respects both what is persuasive about Singera#39;s article and what is important aboutanbsp;...

Title:Building Arguments
Author:Drew Hinderer
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2005-01-28


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