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Many American companies are slowly trudging along, with a sense of entitlement and complacence. They are satisfied with business as usual , and rarely make thorough investigations into decreased productivity, latent RaD, underperforming salespeople, or an outdated factory. The bleak reality of this situation is that many CEOs and company heads cannot detect the severity of these problems until it is far too late; they are deciding whether or not to pay their electric bill, or trying to find the least painful route for bankruptcy declaration. Burnarounds, through the powerful and expert teachings of Mr. Steve Blue, offers the opportunity for these companies to turn a 180 and blaze a trail towards immense profits and prosperity.Unlocking the Double Digit Profit Code: Transforming the Small Company Into a Global Powerhouse Steven L. Blue ... the company is in danger of being extinct, find examples of companies right in your own town that suffered the same fate. Talk about what happened to the employees when unemployment benefits ran out.

Author:Steven L. Blue
Publisher:Steve Blue - 2009-02


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