Business Statistics of the United States, 2013

Business Statistics of the United States, 2013

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Business Statistics of the United States: Patterns of Economic Change is a comprehensive and practical collection of data that reflects the nation's economic performance since 1929. It provides over 80 years of annual data in regional, demographic, and industrial detail for key indicators such as: gross domestic product, personal income, spending, saving, employment, unemployment, the capital stock, and more. Business Statistics of the United States is the best place to find historical perspectives on the U.S. economy. Of equal importance to the data are the introductory highlights, extensive notes, and figures for each chapter that help users to understand the data, use them appropriately, and, if desired, seek additional information from the sources agencies. Business Statistics of the United States provides a rich and deep picture of the American economy and contains approximately 3, 500 time series in all. The data are predominately from federal government sources including: AmBoard of Governors of The Federal Reserve System AmBureau of Economic Analysis AmBureau of Labor Statistics AmCensus Bureau AmEmployment and Training Administration AmEnergy Information Administration AmFederal Housing Finance Agency AmU.S. Department of the TreasuryFederal government debt held by the public consists of all federal debt held federal government accountsa€”by ... year rather than calendar year basis. outside the is not somewhat Gross federal debta€”total. ... States for Fiscal Year 2014: Analytical Perspectives, p. ... and Employment in federal government establishments reflects employee counts as of the pay period containing the 12th of 7.1. the month.

Title:Business Statistics of the United States, 2013
Author:Cornelia J. Strawser
Publisher:Bernan Press - 2013-12-24


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