Canadian in America, Revised, The

Canadian in America, Revised, The

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The definitive guide to crossing the border and calling America home, revised and updated with even more timely tax tips Hundreds of thousands of ex-Canadians live south of the border. The similarity in culture can lead Canadians to mistakenly think that the U.S.'s taxes, laws, and customs are also the same. The Canadian in America is an invaluable resource for anyone either contemplating a move or already living in the U.S. Revised and updated, this edition of The Canadian in America focuses on the areas of taxation, investments, health care, wills, and estates. It covers the eight areas of financial planning in any Canada/U.S. situation: immigration planning, customs planning, cash/debt management, income tax planning, retirement, estate planning, risk management, and investments. In clear and simple language, Canada/U.S. financial expert Brian D. Wruk explains ways in which one can avoid cross-border complications like double taxation. Perfect for Canadians who have married U.S. citizens, moved for their employment, are professional athletes or entertainers, are seeking a warmer climate for their retirement, or are U.S. citizens moving back home from Canada.You should also take your employment offer letter, stating your starting salary in the U.S. Deposit: it helps a lot if you have a U.S. bank draft ... This may be a good starting place to establish credit since credit unions tend to view you as a better credit risk since you are an employee of a large, established employer. You will need to fill out the standard credit card application with the bank to start the process.

Title:Canadian in America, Revised, The
Author:Brian D. Wruk
Publisher:ECW Press - 2015-08-01


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