Change to Strange

Change to Strange

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To achieve sustained competitive advantage, you must create and deliver something thata€™s valuable, rare, and hard to imitatea€“and you cana€™t do that with a run-of-the-mill workforce. Your workforce needs to be strikingly different, obsessively focused on delivering on your unique value proposition. Compared with everyone elsea€™s workforce, your people need to be downright strange! This book is about everything it takes to build a workforce thata€™s strange and extraordinary enough to execute your most powerful strategies and your unique value proposition. Ita€™s about understanding exactly how your workforce needs to be different...creating an end-to-end Strange Workforce Value Chain...implementing workforce systems that support your unique goals...establishing detailed metrics based on what makes you unique...using those metrics to drive clarity throughout your entire organization, and steer it toward success. If youa€™re tasked with executing strategy through people, and a€œbalanced scorecardsa€ and a€œstrategy mapsa€ just havena€™t been enough, take your next and greatest leap forward: make the Change to Strange. Am Why a€œnormala€ workforces just wona€™t cut it anymore Everyone says their people make the difference. Most everyonea€™s wrong. Am Create your strange workforce in four steps Imagine, pinpoint your gaps, prioritize, and act. Am What your customers must notice for you to win Link your real performance drivers to specific workforce deliverables. Am Rearchitect your workforce to break from the pack Organize to get strategic results from the right people. Am Leverage the magic of measurement Implement metrics that worka€“and keep them working.Home Depot hired building contractors and put them in the aisles to help customers with home improvement problems. ... a three-way circuit so that they can walk in one door, turn on the light, then use another switch to turn out the light at another door. They might even sketch the customer a diagram of how the wiring should be run (a Ph.D. does not help me understand this, ... Nowadays, I shop at Lowea#39;s because ita#39;s two miles closer to my house, and I dona#39;t notice any difference in theanbsp;...

Title:Change to Strange
Author:Daniel M. Cable
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2007-04-26


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