Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight

Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight

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Rather than promoting any particular diet or exercise regime, this bookocuses on the missing link to lasting weight loss - the powerful role of theind. The most critical key to losing weight and keeping it off lies in theay we think. One's ability to switch to a positive state of mind in the facef setback is crucial. Dr. Mautner presents real-life examples, exercises, elf-quizzes, and mini homework lessons to help the reader change fromegative to positive.As Myra notices how empowered she feels when she changes the belief (B), minor setbacks lose their ability to send Myra into a tailspin. By using this simple technique, you too, can feel strong, renewed, and self-confident whenever you face a typical weight-loss challenge. ... SOMETIMES WE ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS that are relatively easy to resolve; other times it takes a lot of work. Weight-loss fallsanbsp;...

Title:Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight
Author:Raeleen Mautner
Publisher:Ronin Publishing - 2010-09-15


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