Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat

Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat

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Julian Barrie knows that ita€™s hard for men to find the women of their dreams and then sometimes even harder to keep them. Hea€™s made keen observations over the years when it comes to women and engaging in serious relationships with them and has noted bits of wisdom to help any man about to embark upon such a journey. Do you ever wish you could go back in time to your teen years or early twenties and advise yourself on how to avoid life-changing mistakes involving women? Barrie provides humorous insights, including eleven commandments, regarding how to find, attract, and keep the woman of your dreams. Learn how to make decisions that will create a happy and peaceful existence with the love of your life. Let Chasing Women without Leaving Your Seat help you choose your life mate and guide you through the often tricky stages of friendship, courtship, relationship, nuptials, raising a family, and finally, retirement, while keeping the sparks of romance burning brightly.You quite possibly and probably took a perfectly good low-maintenance human being and ruined her forever. By placing her ... Once princess status has been established, the conversion from low-maintenance to high-maintenance is irreversible. Have you ... As you begin the relationship with your dream girl, consider this somewhat of a test drive with that sexy, sleek sports car you have always desired.

Title:Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat
Author:Julian Barrie
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-02-09


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