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This book introduces a new weapon in computer warfare which helps to collect more information about malicious websites, client-side exploits, attackers, and their proceeding. Client honeypots are a new technique to study malware that targets user client applications, like web browsers, email clients, or instant messengers. We introduce some of the more well-known client honeypots, how they work, and how they can be used to secure a computer network. Furthermore, the authors show a few of the most frequently used client application exploits and how they can be examined to get more information about the underground economy.If a web designer needs to specify an ActiveX control on a web page, an HTML statement similar to the one presented in Listing 3.20 is used. ... In case this has not been installed yet, the code for the control is to be downloaded from the provided location, in this case http ... cases websites but can also involve other applications that process URLs, like MP3 music files, PDF documents, or spreadsheet files.

Author:Jan Gerrit Göbel, Andreas Dewald
Publisher:Oldenbourg Verlag - 2011-12-06


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