Climate Change 2001: Mitigation

Climate Change 2001: Mitigation

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Climate Change 2001: Mitigation is the most comprehensive and up-to-date scientific, technical and economic assessment of options to mitigate climate change and their costs. The report: a€c Makes clear there are strong inter-linkages between climate change policy and policies towards sustainable development. a€c Assesses information on technological options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or enhance their sinks. a€c Analyses technologies and practices available to achieve the targets of the Kyoto Protocol and stabilise atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. a€c Evaluates barriers impeding implementation of these options and methods available to overcome them. a€c Summarises the economic literature on costs of climate change mitigation at global, regional and national levels. a€c Evaluates the other benefits that climate policy can deliver or the climate benefits of other socio-economic policies. a€c Assesses how this information can be used to support climate policy decision making, acknowledging various decision-making frameworks. This latest IPCC assessment will again form the standard scientific reference for all concerned with climate change and who want to be informed of ways to address this important global problem: including students and researchers in environmental and social sciences, and policymakers and analysts in governmental and non-governmental organisations and the private sector world-wide.Land clearance activities are covered in Chapter 4; the transa€” portation of products from the a€œfarm gatea€ to the market or processing plant in Section 3.4; and processing of the agricultural, horticultural, forest, or fish products in Section 3.5. ... attempts to increase yields (t/ha) by substituting machinery for manual labour, developing irrigation schemes, and improving crop storage systems to reduce losses.

Title:Climate Change 2001: Mitigation
Author:Bert Metz
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2001-07-12


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