Climbing Out of Autism One Bite at a Time

Climbing Out of Autism One Bite at a Time

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Your child's autism does not have to be a life sentence! If you are seeking hope, relief, and developmental gain for your son or daughter, Climbing Out Of Autism One Bite At A Time is a practical guide designed with your child's needs, and your demanding schedule, in mind. Using a simple, two-pronged approach called Comprehensive Organic Intervention, your child can achieve and maintain a stable state using dietary and environmental continuity. In a stable state, your child will be naturally empowered to make physical, cognitive, social, and behavioral gain. By identifying and eliminating impediments to a stable state, your child can become physically, mentally, and emotionally receptive. Positive, measurable, and lasting improvements have been witnessed in demeanor, language development and skills, social skills, eye contact, interest in surroundings, enthusiasm to learn, employing empathy, use of imagination, and reduced or eliminated tactile and sensory defensiveness. Researched and developed by the mother of a beloved son with auitsm, the two-pronged biological approach has facilitated her son's steady advancement from the ravages and limitations of severe autism. Offered in a step-by-step format, this must-have manual includes recipes, quick reference guides, and theory.A Step by Step Manual for Recovery and Developmental Gain Michelle Cheney ... Most packages have printed cooking instructions on the back and many include recipes for favorite dishes such as split pea ... Beans are inexpensive, can be dressed up to be very tasty, can cook by themselves in a crock pot, are a source ofanbsp;...

Title:Climbing Out of Autism One Bite at a Time
Author:Michelle Cheney
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-06-01


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