Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals

Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals

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Radiology is a routine diagnostic procedure in all fields of clinical veterinary practice, and exotic medicine is no exception. Besides an increasing interest and concurrent demand for a higher level of care of these species, very little is reported in the scientific literature about normal radiographic patterns, and radiographic abnormalities are generally limited to case reports. Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals is designed to fill this gap. It provides a practical resource for veterinarians wishing to add these special species to their clinical practice, and a ready reference for those already including those species among their caseload. Clearly labeled normal images will aid anyone interested in comparative radiographic anatomy, and the techniques section will help overcome difficulties related to the smaller size of many exotic companion mammals. Features of the book include: wide range of exotic mammal species beyond ferrets, rabbits, and rodents, including species such as marsupials, hedgehogs and potbellied pigs a review of the basic principles of radiology, equipment, radiologic techniques and patient positioning helpful for optimizing exotic companion mammal radiography an extensive review of both normal and pathologic radiographic patterns. Some of the latter are accompanied by clinical or surgical images to aid the practitioner in familiarization with a wide range of both common and uncommon lesions.Brenner SZG, Hawkins MG, Tell LA, Hornof WJ, Plopper CG, Verstraete FJM: Clinical anatomy, radiography, and computed tomography of the chinchilla skull. Comp ... Fundamentals, System Technology, Image Quality, Applications. ... Thrall D: Veterinary Diagnostic Radiology, 4th ed Phildelphia, PA:W.B. Saunders; 2002:4.

Title:Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals
Author:Vittorio Capello, Angela M. Lennox
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2013-03-22


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