Closed Circuits

Closed Circuits

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The recent uproar over NSA dataveillance can obscure the fact that surveillance has been part of our lives for decades. And cinema has long been aware of its powera€”and potential for abuse. In Closed Circuits, Garrett Stewart analyzes a broad spectrum of films, from M and Rear Window through The Conversation to DAcjAn Vu, Source Code, and The Bourne Legacy, in which cinema has articulateda€”and performeda€”the drama of inspectiona€™s unreturned look. While mainstays of the thriller, both the act and the technology of surveillance, Stewart argues, speak to something more foundational in the very work of cinema. The shared axis of montage and espionagea€”with editing designed to draw us in and make us forget the omnipresence of the narrative cameraa€”extends to larger questions about the politics of an oversight regime that is increasingly remote and robotic. To such a global technopticon, one telltale response is a proliferating mode of digitally enhanced a€œsurveillancinema.a€Panoptic Bureaucracy a€œWe are the people who make sure things happen according to plan, a€ says the squad leader of the ... These overlords are instead old-fashioned telepaths whose remote-control power, entirely nonelectronic, is aimed at ... flashpointsa€”looks in its schematic intricacy like nothing so much as a computer motherboard remediated on an iPad screen. The lurking unease raised by The Adjustment Bureau, then, is a sense that corporate self-maintenance does indeed, anbsp;...

Title:Closed Circuits
Author:Garrett Stewart
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2015-01-30


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