Closing the Communication Gap

Closing the Communication Gap

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Improved communication in business means higher profits. Improved communication in government means happier citizens. Improved communication in healthcare means quicker recoveries, fewer lawsuits, and happier nurses and patients. Closing the Communication Gap can help readers improve communication by closing the gap between what the communicator means and what the listener actually understands. It supplies a complete overview of the various elements and dimensions of effective communication needed to stop talking and start communicating. Defining and discussing both the formal and the informal communication systems within an organization, the book demonstrates the importance of good communication and details the four types of poor-quality communication. It explains how to create a climate of communication in your organization. It describes how this climate of communication encourages the development of quality relationships as well as what it takes to maintain this culture of communication. After reading this book, you will understand how to be a better listener, how to use social media in marketing, how to deal with difficult people, and helpful tips for public speaking. You will gain valuable insights on how to talk to your employees, how to talk to your boss, and the best ways to communicate with a corporation. This book can be read for personal growth or it can be used by a company to teach employees the importance of quality communication. Quality assurance departments will find this book useful in lowering errors and waste in the workplace. The book is also suitable as a communication textbook or supplemental text at the introductory university level. If a corporation were a person, communication would be the bloodstream. a€”Lee Iacocca, Former CEO, Chrysler CorporationThe workplace bully, however, is an absolute nightmare come true. ... It also may be someone who follows the letter of the policy manual instead of being flexible and staying at work an extra 20 minutes to finish a makeor-break project.

Title:Closing the Communication Gap
Author:H. James Harrington, Robert Lewis
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-10-16


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