Collection of Poems 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold to People'

Collection of Poems 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold to People'

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Water is more precious than gold. The story of Moses being toldAs a baby he was thrown into the River NileBut by the will of God he survivedHe struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs gushed forthThe Lord caused the parting of the sea and Pharaoh drownedYet the worshipped the golden calfMoses said we will throw it in the seaRemember the story of NoahWho was rejected by the idol worshippersHe preached to them privately and publiclyBut they did not listenThen the Lord saved him in the ark and drowned the disbelieversRemember when Jonah was thrown overboardAnd he thought the Lord could not save himHe called in the darkness of the belly of the fishGlory be to You, I have sinnedRemember when Joseph was thrown in the wellThe submitters and the warriorsThe appreciative and the unappreciativeThe Muslim and the warriorThe blessed thankful or the wicked regretsRemember the legend of Safa and MarwahWhen the Hagar the mother of IsmailSearched for waterBack and forth and this being one of the rites of HajjWater is more precious than gold to peopleBy A Submitter.Tests and preparations Questions and answers Competitions and will Cleanliness and dirt Purity and impurity Good and bad The ... It was an Indian comedy, Mithan is some old Hindi actor, known for the song Disco Dancer, big in the eighties.

Title:Collection of Poems 'Water Is More Precious Than Gold to People'
Author:A. Submitter
Publisher:A Submitter - 2011-08-09


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