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James and Billy were caught in a boxing rivalry; behind the ring they are two men living in a different world and experiencing different struggles. One living in an above-average life where boxing is just a hobby, and good education is waiting; the other one lived his whole life trying to live, stuck in a bad neighborhood, starting a new family. The other is one going through a life-changing sickness and the other one is going through difficulty of racism. Found each other in an unexpected situation. Eventually they became great friends, developed mutual respect, and introduced their own world with each other. Together, they helped each other reach their dreama€”to be a great boxing fighter.A few cars passed through the sleepy suburban neighborhood before Billya#39;s father pulled up to the construction site in a brand new kingsize Chevy pickup. He pulled it onto the gravel driveway and got out. He was dressed in faded blue jeans, anbsp;...

Author:Kevin Vieldhouse
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2014-11-17


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