Community 101

Community 101

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Making an online community that grows and survives isn't easy. It takes planning, vision and dedication. Most companies aren't prepared to invest the time and manpower it takes to make it happen, and when their communities fail to prosper, they blame it on chance. But chance doesn't play a part in whether or not you respond to your community's needs. Successful online communities don't just happen, but with proper care and feeding your company can build a community that surpasses all of your expectations. If you are kind to the people who make up your community, you'll gain a sold-out customer base and your business will be the beneficiary of increased sales, increased loyalty and increased customer satisfaction. This book isn't intended to tell you what a community is, it will explain what a company can gain from a great online community and it will give you the education and tools you need to make it happen. This book is for anyone who wants to build a fantastic online community. From Product Mangers to Executives, from Entrepreneurs to Evangelists, anyone can make their company's community thrive. Community management isn't about trickery or contests, but about treating your community's members as if they matter to you. After reading this book, you have no excuse not to build your own thriving online community.The company took stock, so to speak, and determined that they needed to completely rework their customer service experience. They cut the number of outsourced customer care partners from 14 to 6. ... of the four hundred thousand callers in a week were transferred seven or more times, in an effort to keep call times low.

Title:Community 101
Author:Robyn Tippins, Miranda Marquit
Publisher:Happy About - 2014-09-30


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