Concrete Structure Management - Guide to Ownership and Good Practice

Concrete Structure Management - Guide to Ownership and Good Practice

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Construction projects are undertaken to meet a variety of business, service and aspirational objectives and needs. The success of a building or an element of infrastructure depends on how well it meets the owner's needs and interests or those of the users. Recent changes in owner attitudes to construction are reflected in an increasing interest in through-life costs, i.e. not only the capital costs of construction but also the operational costs associated with a structure's functional performance for a defined life span. The owner can greatly improve the likelihood of achieving the value they seek from the facility by being intimately and effectively involved in the definition of performance requirements at the start of the construction procurement process. The objective of fib Bulletin 44 is to provide guidance to owners of concrete structures on: the management of their concrete structures (buildings and infrastructure) as part of their business goals or the service objectives of their organization; best practice in the management of concrete structures; their responsibilities with respect to the management of their concrete structures; the wider context and issues of service life design; information and direction needed by the supporting professional team of architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors and others. This Guide also provides background information on topics such as deterioration processes and technical procedures used for the management of concrete structures, including reference to international standards for the protection and repair of concrete structures. These activities are illustrated by application examples/case histories and by a section addressing frequently asked questions. A brief review is made of some potential future developments.Figure E3 presents example F-n-curves from CIB Report 259. ... Examples from engineering practice are given: a€c X = the requirement for the Storebaelt project, where a probability of occurrence 1 in 1, 000, 000 appears to have been used.

Title:Concrete Structure Management - Guide to Ownership and Good Practice
Author:fib Fédération internationale du béton
Publisher:fib Fédération internationale du béton - 2008-01-01


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