Convergence Culture

Convergence Culture

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a€œWhat the future fortunes of [Gramscia€™s] writings will be, we cannot know. However, his permanence is already sufficiently sure, and justifies the historical study of his international reception. The present collection of studies is an indispensable foundation for this.a€ a€”Eric Hobsbawm, from the preface Antonio Gramsci is a giant of Marxian thought and one of the world's greatest cultural critics. Antonio A. Santucci is perhaps the world's preeminent Gramsci scholar. Monthly Review Press is proud to publish, for the first time in English, Santuccia€™s masterful intellectual biography of the great Sardinian scholar and revolutionary. Gramscian terms such as a€œcivil societya€ and a€œhegemonya€ are much used in everyday political discourse. Santucci warns us, however, that these words have been appropriated by both radicals and conservatives for contemporary and often self-serving ends that often have nothing to do with Gramscia€™s purposes in developing them. Rather what we must do, and what Santucci illustrates time and again in his dissection of Gramscia€™s writings, is absorb Gramscia€™s methods. These can be summed up as the suspicion of a€œgrand explanatory schemes, a€ the unity of theory and practice, and a focus on the details of everyday life. With respect to the last of these, Joseph Buttigieg says in his Nota: a€œGramsci did not set out to explain historical reality armed with some full-fledged concept, such as hegemony; rather, he examined the minutiae of concrete social, economic, cultural, and political relations as they are lived in by individuals in their specific historical circumstances and, gradually, he acquired an increasingly complex understanding of how hegemony operates in many diverse ways and under many aspects within the capillaries of society.a€ The rigor of Santuccia€™s examination of Gramscia€™s life and work matches that of the seminal thought of the master himself. Readers will be enlightened and inspired by every page.figure in the movie, having only a handful of spoken lines, but his screen appearances reward those who have made the effort ... As Chadwick explained, a€œ They wanted to start with something significant and meaningful and shocking and this was it. ... that we found things in their source code that they didna#39;t intend to be there.

Title:Convergence Culture
Author:Henry Jenkins
Publisher:NYU Press - 2006


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