Creating Picture Books on a Budget

Creating Picture Books on a Budget

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Several years ago, I was a young librarian with a love of stories; one day I wrote a picture book. It was original, funny, and fun. I had spent several years reading kids stories and knew what they wanted in a good picture book. I went to workshops and conferences, and learned the publishing business. And then I tried to sell it and was in for a rude awakening: picture books are a ridiculously hard sell. I sent it to every picture book publisher I could find, and each one sent the impersonal rejection that writers dread. And so I filed it away, and didna€™t think that much of it. Then publishing changed. Suddenly, authors could become publishers, and I began to feel hopeful about the book again. There were still two problems with the book that I faced: 1. Finding a good, professional artist on a budget2. Designing the book in a way that was non-technical and did not require me to learn new software This book will cover how to find illustrators, design both a print and digital version of your book, and as an added bonus, how to find translators as wella€”so you can sell your book in as many languages as possible. Ia€™ll also show you a few strategies for marketing your book. If illustrations and book design are the only things that are holding you back from publishing a kida€™s book, then let me show you how easy it is to be a published kida€™s author!A Guide to Finding Illustrators, Translators, and Using Kindle Kids Book Creator Scott Douglas ... For this guide, I am using the Mac version, but the Windows one looks nearly identical and all the features are the same. When you launch theanbsp;...

Title:Creating Picture Books on a Budget
Author:Scott Douglas
Publisher:Golgotha Press - 2015-03-30


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