Credit Card Marketing

Credit Card Marketing

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Retailers nationwide are discovering that private label credit cards are one of the most dynamic marketing tools ever to come down the pike. Not only do they act as a powerful draw for new customers, but, according to recent marketing studies, private label cards help build customer loyalty. They are also a nearly limitless vehicle for promotional offers, discounts, premiums, and other potent customer incentives. And they provide retailers with an unprecedented means of gathering valuable customer-profile and purchasing information which can then be used to build a targeted database for generating mailing lists, strategically managing inventory, segmenting the most profitable customers, and more. Now, in the first and only book devoted exclusively to the subject, credit card marketing legend Bill Grady tells you everything you need to know to successfully develop and market a private label credit card, or to more effectively use an existing one to expand your customer base. The man behind many of the major innovations in the field, Bill created and managed the largest and most successful credit card program in the home center industry and has worked with many prestigious Fortune 500 companies to develop their programs. In Credit Card Marketing, he shares the fruits of his more than twenty-five years in the business and fills you in on all the successful credit marketing techniques now in use at today's sharpest, most innovative retail stores, banks, oil companies, and travel and entertainment providers. Writing in a warm, down-to-earth style, he takes you step-by-step through the entire process, from prescreened and preapproved solicitations, to direct mail, telemarketing, and in-store promotions, from premiums and sign-up programs, to frequent shopper and card enhancement programs. He also offers detailed scheduling guidelines to help you understand the lead times involved in various programs; guidelines on how to train employees to effectively market credit cards; and an entire chapter on how to develop and execute a winning credit card marketing plan. And along the way, Bill Grady reveals dozens of insider tips, insights, and rules of thumb that alone make Credit Card Marketing worth more than its weight in platinum. A guide to exploiting the full potential of one of today's most versatile marketing tools, Credit Card Marketing is must reading for all retailers, banks, and others. For as Bill Grady so poignantly puts it: qIn today's economic environment those who understand how to get the most from their marketing dollars will be the ones around in a few years to talk about their success.q qI've known Bill for twenty-three years . . . his passion for stimulating sales through promotions and direct marketing can only be defined as AGGRESSIVE, CREATIVE, and SUCCESSFUL.q a€”Ray Rawley, Director of Retail Credit Lowe's Companies, Inc. qAt last . . . a book that catalogs and fully explains each weapon in the credit marketer's arsenal. Must reading for all credit issuers.q a€”David Garron, President and CEO, First North American National Bank (Circuit City Stores) qA creative and positive approach to credit marketing as translated by a true professional in the credit industry.q a€”Jim Heatherly, Credit Marketing Manager The Home Depot qBill's commonsense approach to credit marketing really comes through. A must read for the marketing manager and a must read reminder for those of us removed from the day-to-day reality.q a€”Ralph Spurgin, President and CEO Limited Credit Services qThe '80s ideas won't work in the '90s. Grady's Credit Card Marketing is a must for credit grantors with ambitious goals.q a€”Bill Bloom, Vice President Credit Sales and Services, Saks Fifth Avenue qEveryone from Assistant Credit Marketing Manager to the Vice President of Credit will benefit as Bill Grady shares his experiences, common sense, practical applications, and inside tips.q a€”Ed Epstein, Vice President, Credit Specialty Department Stores, Inc. (Uptons, J. Byrons, Steinbach) qVeterans and rookies all can learn from Bill's experience. A must read.q a€”Harry Gambill, President and CEO Trans Union Credit Information Company qBill's experience in retail credit promotions guarantees this will become a handbook for all credit managers.q a€”Suzanne E. Boas, President, Greater Atlanta Consumer Credit Counselling Service Former Vice President, Credit and Consumer Affairs, Macy's/Bullock's qThe '90s are the decade of change. Bill's book reinforces the importance of credit marketing and the effect it will have on all of our businesses this coming decade.q a€”Ted L. Spurlock, Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Services, JC Penney Company qI've heard Bill speak many times and with authority about credit marketing. I'm glad he's decided to put it all in writing . . .q a€”Ronald Prill, Vice President, Credit Mervyn's (Division of Dayton Hudson)In Credit Card Marketing, he shares the fruits of his more than twenty-five years in the business and fills you in on all the successful credit marketing techniques now in use at todaya#39;s sharpest, most innovative retail stores, banks, oil ...

Title:Credit Card Marketing
Author:Bill Grady
Publisher:Wiley - 1995-03-02


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