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Offering an introduction to Victorian culture and society, this glossary is also a route-map to further study. Designed specifically with undergraduates in mind, it contains around 400 short and accessible explanations of the key words, events, figures and concepts in the study of the Victorian period. From gothic and the Great Exhibition to origin of species and Oscar Wilde, this glossary gives an interdisciplinary overview of Victorian literature, culture and society, and offers directions for further reading. Covering literary topics, traditions and movements, as well as the period's history, culture and politics, the entries are fully cross-referenced and assume no prior knowledge, making this a useful reference on the Victorian period. The index makes it even more accessible, allowing the reader quickly to find information on topics not listed as individual entries.All of the essays have broken objectionable ads into two parts, with each part providing the focus for one of the body ... Which of these two strategies for organization seems most effective? 3. ... Choose the one best example in each essay.

Author:Janet Madden, Sara M. Blake
Publisher:Harcourt College Pub - 1992-01-01


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