Crystal Growth

Crystal Growth

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In the last decade or so the growth of single crystals has assumed enormous importance for both academic research, and technology (particu larly in the field of 'electronics'). The range of fields involved is great: from electro-optics to metal corrosion, from semiconductors to magnetic bubble materials-one can add to the list almost indefinitely. However, while the general principles of crystal growth can be applied aImost right across the board, it turns out that the precise way in which one can grow a particular crystal best varies considerably from material to material. This, of course, is to emphasise the obvious; nonetheless, except in specialised papers in the scientific litera ture , little attempt seems to have been made to deal in any detail with the causes of the difficulties in growing particular kinds of materials and with methods of circumventing them. These specialised papers may be inaccessible, and in any case cannot be, usually, very broad in scope or detailed in treatment simply because of the pressure to keep papers short. And unfortunately few specialised monographs seem to have been produced. These points and others similar emerged repeatedly in discussions with crystal growers from aU parts of the World and indicated that there was a need for a publication which would deal in detail with problems and techniques for specialised areas of crystal growth.Theory and Techniques C. H. L. Goodman. 2 5 Fig. 2.24. Furnace and ampoule design (schematic) used in the temperature gradient reversal methods. (1) silica furnace. (2) thermal shield of Duran glass. (3) rotation mechanism. (4) ampouleanbsp;...

Title:Crystal Growth
Author:C. H. L. Goodman
Publisher:Springer - 2013-04-17


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