Cubase SX 2: Virtual MIDI and Audio Studio

Cubase SX 2: Virtual MIDI and Audio Studio

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Covering the newest version of the popular software for working with music and sound, Cubase SX, this book serves as a recording professional's guide to recording melodies and accompaniments, arranging, recording the vocal and actual musical instruments, processing MIDI and audio effects, using virtual synthesizers, and mixing. For beginners, a primer gives the forms of representing musical information in Cubase SX including Score Editor, Key Editor, List Editor, and Drum Editor. Also described is the order of executing basic operations, such as loading and saving project files, playing back and recording MIDI compositions, recording the audio track, and connecting plug-ins. More experienced computer musicians are presented with a detailed description of the interface and methods of effectively working in all EcEdE¹ErN‹ EaErN EoE½EcE³Ec E¼E¾EpE½E¾ NEoEdN‡EdN‚NŒ EiE¾ NNN‹ErEoEm notator incorporated in Cubase SX 2 is comparable in features with the best applications designed for publishing scores. A MIDI ... A usera#39;s manual is available that contains the procedures for performing various operations in Cubase SX 2.

Title:Cubase SX 2: Virtual MIDI and Audio Studio
Author:Roman Petelin, Yury Petelin
Publisher:БХВ-Петербург - 2004


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