Cut and Paste Urban Landscape

Cut and Paste Urban Landscape

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During the post-war era, the emerging consumer economy radically changed both the discourse and practice of architecture. It was a time where architecture became a mainstream commodity whose products sold through mass media; a time in which Thomas Gordon Cullen came to be one of Britaina€™s best-known twentieth-century architectural draftsmen. Despite Cullena€™s wide acclaim, there has been little research into his life and work; particularly his printed images and his methods of operation. This book examines Cullena€™s drawings and book design and also looks into his process of image making to help explain his considerable popularity and influence which continues to this day. It presents the lessons Cullen had to offer in todaya€™s design culture and practice and looks into the post-war consumerist design strategies that are still used today.a€œA Visual ABC.a€ The ArchitecturalReview 120, no. 719 (December): 355a€“60. Cullen, Gordon. 1957. a€œHighway Code.a€ The ArchitecturalReview 122, no. 730 ( November): 34a€“43. Cullen, Gordon. 1958a. a€œTrowbridge.a€ The Architectural Reviewanbsp;...

Title:Cut and Paste Urban Landscape
Author:Mira Engler
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-08-11


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