Daemon of the Dark Wood

Daemon of the Dark Wood

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What is turning the women of Widow's Ridge into sex-crazed, blood-thirsty maniacs? From the author of Hellz Bellz and Bad Juju, Randy Chandler brings on the terror in this hell-bent, suspenseful horror tale. A man who digs cursed earth, uncovers great sorrow. When the women of Widow's Ridge begin to go missing, a deputy sheriff, a psychiatrist and a community college professor become mired in chilling myth and mystery. When the missing women reappear, the horror of the Helling comes home to roost. REVIEWS PUBLISHERS WEEKLY a€œChandler's not a subtle writer, but readers looking for a throwback to splatterpunk sex and violence with minimal plot will find this just the ticket.q HORROR WORLD a€œThe Daemon of the Dark Wood may be sexually fueled, but make no mistake, its horror roots are firmly grounded. From the first pages of the novel Chandler does an excellent job of creating fear in the reader. The tension is unrelenting throughout; the violence is visceral and often extreme. On top of this, Chandler manages to pull off sex scenes that are both arousing and horrific at the same time. Whether you are straight, gay, or a fetish devotee, readers will find plenty in The Daemon of the Dark Wood to be enthralled, appalled, or horrified by.q HELLNOTES a€œSex and violence are played up to the hilt in the book; aberrations are pervasive. The subject matter certainly can't be classified as qdelicate.q Randy Chandler writes with apt audaciousness. He seems truly fond of the salacious wenches he has created. Daemon of the Dark Wood deals with loss of control, but the novel's author is in masterly command.a€ FOREWORD qDaemon of the Dark Wood will please any reader who relishes a well-written tale of ancient knowledge and hidden dangers, and those who fight to keep the human realm free of unbridled evil.qBilly Ray stuck the pistol i the waist of his jeans, grabbed the hind legs of the deer and dragged it to the rear C his Ford F-150. ... from his construction wor under the Georgia Sun, and in the flashing red haze of the Hondaa#39;s hazard lights hi Smile became a sinister leer. a€œNo. ... He climbed into his pickup, gunned the engine and drov off, waggling his fingers in farewell. ... Grubba#39;s Service Station in Dogwood.

Title:Daemon of the Dark Wood
Author:Randy Chandler
Publisher:Comet Press -


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