Dancing with the Dragon

Dancing with the Dragon

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For the past several decades, China has been transforming itself from an isolated and backward agrarian society into an economic superpower with global interests and responsibilities. Over 300 million Chinese have been lifted out of poverty and China now enjoys the fastest growing and third largest economy on earth. Not surprisingly, numerous changes in China's foreign relations have accompanied the astounding transformations in the country's domestic politics and society. Perhaps most surprising to some observers is Beijing's aggressive foray into the so-called developing world. This co-edited book focuses on China's increasing engagement with many of the less developed countries-particularly those in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East-and explores the current and future trends in Beijing's foreign relations. The old and hackneyed call for revolutionary struggle and world revolution has been consigned to the dustbin of history. In its place is a concrete pledge to construct a 'win-win' relationship with any country willing to deepen ties with Beijing. Dancing with the Dragon will help readers gain a greater understanding of China's foreign relations in this critical part of the global community.12, at pewglobal.0rg/reports/pdf/260.pdf (accessed on September 29, 2008). 25. ... Taehwan Lee, a€œCurrent Challenges for South Korea-China Relationsa€ [Han/ Jung gwangye hyeonan gwaje], in Daeseong Song, ed., Current Challenges for theanbsp;...

Title:Dancing with the Dragon
Author:Dennis Hickey, Baogang Guo
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2010-04-30


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