Day of the Dog

Day of the Dog

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In the year 2020, racial tensions are on the rise throughout the United States. Protests and violence escalate throughout the country, and terrorists take advantage of the situation to launch a biological attack. Millions diea€”but even worse, the deadly disease known as canine flu afflicts the worlda€™s dogs, turning peoplea€™s pets into horrifying zombie dogs. In a small North Georgia town, those who survive the initial attack set out on a dangerous trip to Savannah, hoping to make contact with friends and family who have started a survivorsa€™ community. The US military and government struggle to regain control of the country from the USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier, stationed off the coast of South Carolina; from the Looking Glass Plane, a specially equipped Boeing 707 carrying vital military personnel; and US Strategic Command, or STRATCOM, in Omaha. Meanwhile, American society is in collapse; the power grid no longer functions, and nightly attacks from the zombie dogs mean all survivors are in constant danger. Even worse, the Looking Glass Plane goes down in Pennsylvania, leaving only a few people alive trying to rescue the nation from chaos. Only time will tell if they will succeed. In this novel, a terrorist attack brings about an apocalyptic landscape in which zombie dogs roam the night, changing survivorsa€™ lives forever.I started wiring up the charge controller and the inverter. Then I assembled the solar panels and ... all we need are some batteries. I have some raincoats for us and we can go out and take the batteries out of my wifea#39;s car and my Toyota truck.

Title:Day of the Dog
Author:Mark Salvi
Publisher:iUniverse - 2015-08-27


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