Dead Sexy

Dead Sexy

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Why do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract. That's what Shelly Green thinks when she meets Kit Kincaide...on their wedding day. Unwittingly entered by her students in a Desperate and Dateless reality show contest, Shelly, a London music teacher, is caught off guard when she wins. Although the show's computer has predicted that she and Kit would make the perfect match -- physically, emotionally, and intellectually -- Shelly has some serious doubts about the hunky, boisterous American when she joins him at the altar. But not for long. A steamy limo ride proves that they have at least one thing in common. Suddenly, amid all the hype, there seems to be some hope for Shelly and Kit's ramshackle marriage, or at least for their honeymoon. Cut to the tropical island of RAcunion where newlywed Kit seems to be spending a lot of time on his own or with a French floozy...anywhere but with Shelly. Will Shelly discover the truth about Kit? Can she find romance in spite of a civil war, a natural disaster, and a crew of television staffers of the most dubious character? Do she and Kit have a chance for a real marriage in the surreal world of reality TV? Clever, racy, and laugh-out-loud funny, Dead Sexy proves that love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.Kit had thrown not a wrench but an entire toolbox into the works. a€œHey, it sounds more excitina#39; ... 2) How the hell did he fit his cloven hooves into those running shoes? 3) Flee! With option ... But the fog was starting to lift. Kit Kinkade had merelyanbsp;...

Title:Dead Sexy
Author:Kathy Lette
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2005-09-20


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