Decoding the Kindle

Decoding the Kindle

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This is the eBook version of the printed book. The revolutionary Amazon Kindle is getting rave reviews, but most Kindle users feel that a far better manual is needed in order to get the most out of this extraordinary device. Introducing Decoding the Kindle: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle. Meticulously researched and painstakingly written to be the one Kindle resource you cana€™t live without, Decoding the Kindle was written by Jim Cheshire, a passionate Kindle owner. It is a thorough guide covering all aspects of the Kindle. Unlike many of the other Kindle resources available, Decoding the Kindle is not a brief article on the Kindle. Ita€™s a comprehensive e-book designed to teach you everything you need to know about the Amazon Kindle. Decoding the Kindle was written for all Kindle users, even those who have absolutely no technical expertise and are inexperienced in using a computer. Here are just a few of the many things youa€™ll learn in this book: Am Tips and tricks to help make your basic Kindle reading experience more enjoyable. Am Details on where you can locate free books as well as tips on how you can search for hard-to-find free books. Am How you can use free software to convert books and edit author name, title, and other information. Am How you can use your own pictures for the Kindle screensaver, including details on what format of image you should use, how to convert your images, and links to free software you can use for image manipulation for the Mac and the PC. Am The best ways to take advantage of the Kindlea€™s built-in Web browser, including how to use email, blog readers, eBay, social networking, and even manage your Netflix movie queue. Am How to listen to music while you read. Am How to listen to podcasts on your Kindle (and how to make the Kindle automatically remember your current place in your favorite podcast.) Am A comprehensive FAQ on the Kindle using carefully researched questions asked by Kindle users. Am Innovative ideas on using the Kindle for an information-storage device. Am Much, much more! Much of the information available on the Amazon Kindle is actually misinformation. If you want a comprehensive guide with step-by-step, detailed instructions on how to get the most from your Kindle without all the fluff, therea€™s only one clear choice: Decoding the Kindle: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Kindle . Spend more time reading what you want and less time trying to figure out the Kindle.This is the eBook version of the printed book.

Title:Decoding the Kindle
Author:Jim Cheshire
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2008-10-09


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