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a€œIn Dedra, by Giovanni Andreazzi, a multi-millionaire mix of Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy is abducting and killing women across the country. This psycho of a man also spends his time keeping physically fit and traveling. His home is built on a mountaintop and is completely computer-programmed. Quite the secure lair for this serial killer! Soon, in a strange twist of fate, our killer falls in love with the mother of one of his victims, unbeknowst to either of them until later on in their affair. Then just as the killer is about to be caught, author Andreazzi throws in another twist to the spine-tingling plot, one that includes the killer's attempted escape from the United States while being pursued by his recent lover and the FBI. Will the killer have a change of heart? Can he somehow exonerate himself? And what of the love affair that has taken such a drastic turn? The author tells all, with a talent for continuing his unpredictable surprises!qHe selected a CD from the twelve on the changer hidden in the back of the extended cab. Four seconds later, the six speakers were booming the sound of the Rolling Stones, a€œUnder My Thumb.a€ He sang along to help quell the boredom. Tejas finished inspecting the inside of the truck. He had a litter box on the floor of theanbsp;...

Author:Giovanni Andreazzi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-09-24


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