Design for AT-Speed Test, Diagnosis and Measurement

Design for AT-Speed Test, Diagnosis and Measurement

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Design for AT-Speed Test, Diagnosis and Measurement is the first book to offer practical and proven design-for-testability (DFT) solutions to chip and system design engineers, test engineers and product managers at the silicon level as well as at the board and systems levels. Designers will see how the implementation of embedded test enables simplification of silicon debug and system bring-up. Test engineers will determine how embedded test provides a superior level of at-speed test, diagnosis and measurement without exceeding the capabilities of their equipment. Product managers will learn how the time, resources and costs associated with test development, manufacture cost and lifecycle maintenance of their products can be significantly reduced by designing embedded test in the product. A complete design flow and analysis of the impact of embedded test on a design makes this book a `must read' before any DFT is attempted.Short of pulling the card from the system and performing the task manually, the availability of a board ID (as described within the ... Systems that implement their embedded test controllers as processor functions, or by using autonomous embedded test ... stored on card while providing access to the off-card test datz in a manner that is autonomous to the processor operation. ... The first is to determine the functions required to monitor system operatior and perform routine online test andanbsp;...

Title:Design for AT-Speed Test, Diagnosis and Measurement
Author:Benoit Nadeau-Dostie
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1999-09-30


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