Designing and Developing for Google Glass

Designing and Developing for Google Glass

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Creating apps for Google Glass is more involved than simply learning how to navigate its hardware, APIs, and SDK. You also need the right mindset. While this practical book delivers the information and techniques you need to build and deploy Glass applications, it also helps you to think for Glass by showing you how the platform works in, and affects, its environment. In three partsa€”Discover, Design, and Developa€”Glass pioneers guide you through the Glass ecosystem and demonstrate what this wearable computer means for users, developers, and society as a whole. Youa€™ll learn how to create rich functionality for a consumer technology thata€™s radically different than anything currently available. Learn the Five Noble Truths of great Glassware design Understand the Glass ecosystem and learn why ita€™s different Sidestep Glassa€™s societal concerns in your projects Learn how Glass adapts to the usera€™s world, rather than the other way around Avoid poor design by identifying Glassware antipatterns Build cloud services with the Google Mirror API Use the Glass Development Kit to develop client applications Submit your project for review in the MyGlass directoryYou might be wondering about possible trigger phrase clashes. How does Glass resolve conflicts when two or more Glassware are based on the same trigger? ... well as how to include custom voice aca€tions for Wear devices so that your spoken commands are the same for other types of devices, like an Xbox One Kinect.

Title:Designing and Developing for Google Glass
Author:Allen Firstenberg, Jason Salas
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2014-12-11


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