Designing Concurrent, Distributed, and Real-time Applications with UML

Designing Concurrent, Distributed, and Real-time Applications with UML

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In this book, renowned real-time software expert Hassan Gomaa adapts UML to the unique needs of the concurrent, distributed, and real-time applications -- helping developers leverage the powerful flexibility, reliability, and time-to-market benefits associated with UML. Gomaa starts by reviewing the key issues and concepts associated with analysis and design of distributed and real-time applications -- focusing not only on standard object-oriented concepts such as information hiding, classes, and inheritance, but also specialized issues such as finite state machines, concurrent tasks, and real-time scheduling. Next, he introduces the COMET (Concurrent Object Modeling and Architectural Design) Method, a UML-based object-oriented analysis and design method specifically created for concurrent, distributed, and real-time applications. The book presents detailed structuring criteria that assist the designer at every stage of the analysis and design process, and offers exceptional insight into dynamic modeling, concurrency, distributed application design, and performance analysis of real-time designs. Gomaa concludes with several detailed case studies covering a broad range of applications, including systems for banking, e-Commerce, cruise control, factory automation, and more.If, on the other hand, the user engages in several activities concurrently, one user interface task is allocated for each sequential activity. Thus, in ... In the Windows operating system, it is possible for the user to have Word executing in one window and PowerPoint executing in another window. There is ... The task is depicted on the concurrent collaboration diagram with the stereotype Aluser interface* taskanbsp;...

Title:Designing Concurrent, Distributed, and Real-time Applications with UML
Author:Hassan Gomaa
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2000


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