Destiny Or Chance Revisited

Destiny Or Chance Revisited

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This exciting tour of our Universe explores our current knowledge of exoplanets and the search for another Earth-like planet. Beginning with the basic concepts of planet formation and the composition of the Universe, Stuart Ross Taylor summarises our knowledge of exoplanets, how they compare with our planets and why some stars have better habitable zones. Further sections provide a detailed study of our Solar System, as a basis for understanding exoplanetary systems, and a detailed study of the Earth as our only current example of a habitable planet. The book concludes with a philosophical and historical discussion of topics surrounding planets and the development of life, including why our chances of finding aliens on exoplanets is very low. This is an engaging and informative read for anyone interested in planetary formation and the exploration of our Universe.THE COSMIC JUNKYARD The satellite systems of Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus have so few features in common that they could equally well belong to separate planetary systems. Perhaps the most interesting observation about the smallanbsp;...

Title:Destiny Or Chance Revisited
Author:Stuart Ross Taylor
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2012-09-27


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