Dirichlet Series

Dirichlet Series

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It is not our intention to present a treatise on Dirichlet series. This part of harmonic analysis is so vast, so rich in publications and in 'theorems' that it appears to us inconceivable and, to our mind, void of interest to assemble anything but a restricted (but relatively complete) branch of the theory. We have not tried to give an account of the very important results of G. P6lya which link his notion of maximum density to the analytic continuation of the series, nor the researches to which the names of A. Ostrowski and V. Bernstein are intimately attached. The excellent book of the latter, which was published in the Collection Borel more than thirty years ago, gives an account of them with all the clarity one can wish for. Nevertheless, some scattered results proved by these authors have found their place among the relevant results, partly by their statements, partly as a working tool. We have adopted a more personal point of view, in explaining the methods and the principles (as the title of the book indicates) that originate in our research work and provide a collection of results which we develop here; we have also included others, due to present-day authors, which enable us to form a coherent whole.Analysis and related topics. Essays in honor of George PA³lya, Stanford University Press, 1962. [41] S. Mandelbrojt ... [48] O. Perron, a€œAœber die Lage eines singulAcren Punktes auf dem Konvergenzkreisa#39;, Sitzgsb. bayr. Akad. Wiss. Math.

Title:Dirichlet Series
Author:S. Mandelbrojt
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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