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qAs [Disconnect] shows, cell phones may actually be doing damage to far more than our attention spans-and could, in fact, be killing us.q -Salon.com. Since the invention of radar, cell phone radiation was assumed to be harmless because it wasn't like X-rays. But a sea change is now occurring in the way scientists think about it. The latest research ties this kind of radiation to lowered sperm counts, an increased risk of Alzheimer's, and even cancer. In Disconnect, National Book Award finalist Devra Davis tells the story of the dangers that the cell phone industry is knowingly exposing us-and our children-to in the pursuit of profit. More than five billion cell phones are currently in use, and that number increases every day. Synthesizing the findings and cautionary advice of leading experts in bioelectricalmagnetics and neuroscience, Davis explains simple safety measures that no one can afford to ignore.The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Is Doing to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family Devra Davis ... system and the ways that our basic genetic material, our DNA, works to repair and prevent damage to our cells from becoming permanent. ... What makes DNA so remarkable is that every single one of our cells contains a fast-moving mechanics manual that can figure out how toanbsp;...

Author:Devra Davis
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-09-23


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