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This work presents a new method for the calculation of elasto-plastic building ground deformations and elasto-plastic building ground failure with included wave propagation in the ground. The presented procedure is a hybrid method, based on several common calculation methods. Included is the nonlinear calculation with the finite element method (FEM), a nonlinear HHT-a method and the scaled boundary finite element method (SBFEM). Focuses of this work are the implementation of an elasto-plastic soil model with isotropic hardening, the derivation and implementation of a nonlinear HHT-a method with full Newton-Raphson iteration, and the implementation of these methods and the SBFEM in a nonlinear overall calculation scheme. Here, the overall calculation scheme represents a new calculation method in the time domain, because the combination of the named methods does not yet exist. The applicability of the developed method is given with the help of several examples of different complexity.This shows the basic use of the elasto-plastic FEM/SBFEM method combined here with the extended HHT-D procedure. ... manual) Equation (8.1) changes to: with as Mises equivalent stress: (8.4) If we rearrange (8.4) (8.3) 88 Introduction to anbsp;...

Author:Martin Bransch
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2012


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