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Once upon a time, Michelle McKinney Hammonda€™s lifestyle centered around the finer things in lifea€”designer clothes, five-star restaurants, and bag after bag of high-end nonessentials. Then one day, like many people, Michelle awoke to find herself on the losing end of a most unwelcome and unexpected financial downturn. In response, she quickly went from a€œspoileda€ to a€œfabulously frugal, a€ and with courage and a sense of humor, she made the necessary adjustments in her life. Now, Hammond, a self-proclaimed DIVA (Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude), shares what she learned about her own spending, desires, and needs and how she adjusted to life during an unpredictable economy. Divanomics is filled with money-saving tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, entertaining, diet, housing, and more.Okay, so herea#39;s my breakdown: Costco or Sama#39;s Club for all my paper goods and laundry stuff. Thata#39;s a trip I can make about every two months unless I return with my shopping club to bulk-food shop or to shop for a party. Here is where you can find shrimp platters, sushi plates, fruit and veggie platters, and tons of frozen hors da#39;oeuvres for far less than you would pay for them at a regular groceryanbsp;...

Author:Michelle McKinney Hammond
Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. - 2011-07-14


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