Don't Gossip in the Teachers' Lounge

Don't Gossip in the Teachers' Lounge

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This book is vital for new teachers! Most of the tips in this book are not taught in education classes in college, but are learned through trial and error and only after years of experience. This book will help the new teacher learn the inter-workings of school relationships, acquire classroom management strategies, learn effective parent communication techniques, gain knowledge of how to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, become aware of vital school ethics expectations, learn how to create a positive learning environment, and become aware of how social networking can effect teaching and professionalism. This book will save teachers many hours of preparation and will help them avoid many embarrassing situations.If your district does not have a homework policy, ask three veta€” eran teachers how much homework they give on a daily basis. ... policy of assigning ten mina€” utes a grade, for example, kindergartners get ten minutes, first graders get fifieen minutes, second graders get twenty minutes, and so on. Some teachers make a packet with a calendar on the front page that has an assignment listed on each day.

Title:Don't Gossip in the Teachers' Lounge
Author:Rebecca C. Schmidt
Publisher:R&L Education - 2011-12-16


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