Egghead's Guide to Geometry

Egghead's Guide to Geometry

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egghead's Guide to Geometry will help students improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts of geometry. With the help of Peterson's new character, egghead, students can strengthen their math skills with narrative cartoons and graphics. Along the way there are plenty of study tips and exercises, making this the perfect guide for students struggling to improve their knowledge of geometry for standardized tests. egghead's strategies and advice for improving geometry skills Foundational geometry for students who need basic and remedial instruction Dozens of sample exercises and solutions with loads of geometric figures and illustrations Easy-to-read lessons with fun graphics that provide essential information and skills to help those students who learn visuallyHypotenuse. -. leg. There is one final test to use to determine whether triangles are congruent. This is the hypotenuse-leg test, or HL. This test is used only with right triangles. Right triangles are congruent if they have one congruent leg andanbsp;...

Title:Egghead's Guide to Geometry
Publisher:Peterson's - 2013-08-20


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