Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition

Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition

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Combining select chapters from Grigsby's standard-setting The Electric Power Engineering Handbook with several chapters not found in the original work, Electric Power Transformer Engineering became widely popular for its comprehensive, tutorial-style treatment of the theory, design, analysis, operation, and protection of power transformers. For its second edition, this popular progeny rejoins the handbook as one in a set of five carefully focused volumes. In addition to updates in nearly every chapter, this highly regarded reference brings to the Handbook its original contributions, discussing phase-shifting, rectifier, and constant-voltage transformers as well as power transformer protection and transient-voltage response. It also includes two new sections in the chapter on reactors, covering installation considerations for dry-type air-core reactors as well as line traps and power line carrier communication-, data-, and protective-relaying systems. Major updates appear in the highly active areas of dry-type transformers, instrument transformers, reactors, and load-tap changers. This book offers convenient access to everything from basic theory and concepts to detailed analysis of the individual components of a transformer. Reflecting standards, technologies, and new developments around the world, Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition provides a thorough and up-to-date guide for power engineers at all levels of expertise. Other volumes in the set include: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Electric Power Substations Engineering, Second Edition Power Systems Power System Stability and ControlGroup 1 Angular Displacement 0 H2 H2 DELTA-DELTA DELTA-STAR X2 X2 X1 Group 2 Angular Displacement 30 H3 H3 X1 ... It is more convenient to use line- to-neutral values, since transformer impedances can then be added directly to transmission-line impedances. ... Unbalanced system faults and loads can cause significant zero-sequence magnetic flux to occur for some three-phase connections.

Title:Electric Power Transformer Engineering, Second Edition
Author:James H. Harlow
Publisher:CRC Press - 2007-05-30


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