Electricity, Magnetism, and Light

Electricity, Magnetism, and Light

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A very comprehensive introduction to electricity, magnetism and optics ranging from the interesting and useful history of the science, to connections with current real-world phenomena in science, engineering and biology, to common sense advice and insight on the intuitive understanding of electrical and magnetic phenomena. This is a fun book to read, heavy on relevance, with practical examples, such as sections on motors and generators, as well as `take-home experiments' to bring home the key concepts. Slightly more advanced than standard freshman texts for calculus-based engineering physics courses with the mathematics worked out clearly and concisely. Helpful diagrams accompany the discussion. The emphasis is on intuitive physics, graphical visualization, and mathematical implementation. Solutions are available via website to qualified users. *Electricity, Magnetism, and Light is an engaging introductory treatment of electromagnetism and optics for second semester physics and engineering majors. *Focuses on conceptual understanding, with an emphasis on relevance and historical development. *Mathematics is specific and avoids unnecessary technical development. *Emphasis on physical concepts, analyzing the electromagnetic aspects of many everyday phenomena, and guiding readers carefully through mathematical derivations. *Provides a wealth of interesting information, from the history of the science of electricity and magnetism, to connections with real world phenomena in science, engineering, and biology, to common sense advice and insight on the intuitive understanding of electrical and magnetic phenomenaThis relatively slow process limits the amount of power a car battery can provide. Battery rechargers provide perhaps 2 to 6, or even 12 amps; this is not enough to start a car. You have to use the recharger to build up a a€œchargea€ on the batteryanbsp;...

Title:Electricity, Magnetism, and Light
Author:Wayne M. Saslow
Publisher:Academic Press - 2002-07-19


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