Electron Devices

Electron Devices

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Electron Ballistics and Semiconductor Theory Electron Ballistics : Charged particle, Force on charged particles in an electric field, Constant field potential, Field intensity, Force in magnetic field, Motion in a magnetic, Parallel electric and magnetic fields, Perpendicular electric and magnetic fields.Semiconductor Theory : Review of intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors, Classical theory and energy band theory, Charge densities in semiconductors, Mobility and conductivity, Drift and diffusion current.Semiconductor Diodes Construction of PN junction diodes, VI characteristics, Quantitative theory of PN diode, Current components, Diode resistance, Transition and diffusion capacitances, Effect of temperature on PN junction characteristics, Model of diode, Diode specification, Clipping and clamping circuits, Voltage multipliers using diodes.Bipolar Junction Transistor Construction of transistor, Principle of transistor action, Current in transistor, Input and output characteristics of a transistor in CE, CB and CC configurations, Cut-off, Active saturation and breakdown regions, Current gain in CE, CB and CC configurations, h parameter model for BJT, BJT specification.Field Effect Transistors and UJTConstruction and characteristics of JFET, Parameters of JFET, MOSFET, Depletion and enhancement mode, FET in CS, CD and CG configurations, Equivalent circuits of FET at low frequencies, FET model at high frequencies, FET specification, Construction, Theory of operation and characteristics of UJT.Special Semiconductor Devices Fabrication and characteristics of zener diodes, Tunnel diode, Pin diode, Varactor diode, Construction and characteristics of SCR, Two transistor equivalent circuits, Applications, Triac and diac, LASCR and CCD, Photodiodes, Photoconductive cell, Photovoltaic cell, LED, LCD, Phototransistors, Solar cell, Optocouplers.Voltage doubler. 2. Voltage tripler 3. Voltage quadrapler Each circuit is further classified as, a) Half wave multiplier and b) Full wave multiplier. 3.26.1 Half Wave Voltage Doubler The Fig. 3.123 shows the circuit diagram of a half wave voltage anbsp;...

Title:Electron Devices
Author:A.P.Godse U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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