Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials

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Electronic materials are a dominant factor in many areas of modern technology. The need to understand'them is paramount; this book addresses that need. The main aim of this volume is to provide a broad unified view of electronic materials, including key aspects of their science and technology and also, in many cases, their commercial implications. It was considered important that much of the contents of such an overview should be intelligible by a broad audience of graduates and industrial scientists, and relevant to advanced undergraduate studies. It should also be up to date and even looking forward to the future. Although more extensive, and written specifically as a text, the resulting book has much in common with a short course of the same name given at Coventry Polytechnic. The interpretation of the term qelectronic materialsq used in this volume is a very broad one, in line with the initial aim. The principal restriction is that, with one or two minor exceptions relating to aspects of device processing, for example, the materials dealt with are all active materials. Materials such as simple insulators or simple conductors, playing only a passive role, are not singled out for consider ation. Active materials might be defined as those involved in the processing of signals in a way that depends crucially on some specific property of those materials, and the immediate question then concerns the types of signals that might be considered.Currently, CMOS logic circuits with 1-um minimum feature sizes are beginning to be fabricated on production lines for general digital applications. ... circuit is initially defined in terms of logic equations in order to implement a particular function such as data analysis of telecommunication signals. These equations are then transformed into circuit symbols which represent electronic components such as transistors, ... There are about 14 such masking layers in a modern CMOS process.

Title:Electronic Materials
Author:L.S. Miller, J.B. Mullin
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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