Elements Of Microprocessors

Elements Of Microprocessors

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8085 MicroprocessorBasic 8085 Microprocessor architecture and its functional blocks, 8085 Microprocessor IC pinouts and signals, address, data and control buses, clock signals, instruction cycles, machine cycles and timing states, instruction timing diagram.Programming of 8085 Microprocessor Basic instruction set of 8085, addressing modes, writing assembly language programs, looping counting and indexing operations, stacks and subroutines, conditional call and return instructions, debugging programs.8085 Interfacing and InterruptsBus interfacing concepts, timing for the execution of input and output (I/O) instructions, I/O address decoding, memory and I/O interfacing memory mapped I/O interfacing of matrix input keyboard and output display. Serial I/O lines of 8085 and the implementation asynchronous serial data communication using SID and SOD lines, interrupt structure of 8085, RST (restart) instructions, vectored interrupt, interrupt process and timing diagram of interrupt instruction execution, 8259A interrupt controller, principles block I/O data transfer (direct memory access) techniques.Programmable Interface and Peripheral DevicesProgramming and applications of 8455/8156 programmable I/O ports and timer, 8255A programmable peripheral interface, 8253/8254 programmable interval timer, 8257 direct memory access controller, 8279 programmable keyboard / display interface.8086 and 8088 Microprocessors Architecture and organization of 8086/8088 microprocessor family, bus interface unit, 8086/8088 hardware pin signals, timing diagram of 8086 family microprocessors, simplified read/write bus cycles, 8086 minimum and maximum modes of operation, 8086/8088 memory addressing, address decoding, memory system design of 8086 family, timing considerations for memory interfacing, input/output port addressing and decoding, introduction to 8087 floating point coprocessor and its connection to host 8086. 8086 Assembly Language Programming Addressing modes, 8086 instruction formats and instruction set, data transfer, arithmetic, bit manipulation, string, program execution transfer and processor control instructions, machine codes for 8086 instructions, assembly language syntax, assembler directives, initialization instructions, simple sequential and looping programs in assembly language, debugging assembly language programs.Advanced Assembly Level Programming Conditional jumps and IF-THEN-ELSE, WHILE-DO REPEAT-UNTIL, delay loop programs, implementing procedure calls, passing parameters using pointers and stack, reentrant and recursive procedures, calling FAR procedures, assembler MACRO instructions, software interrupts and interrupt service routines, software interrupt applications, such as in basic input output system of IBM-PC computer, high level C-language calls to assembly language programs with an illustrative example.The instruction JMP 2000H specifies the next instruction address as 2000H. 3.3.1 Instruction Formats The 8085A instruction set consists of one, two and three byte instructions. The first byte is always the opcode; in two-byte instructions theanbsp;...

Title:Elements Of Microprocessors
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2007-01-01


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