Embedded Sustainability

Embedded Sustainability

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Companies know how to meet the demands of shareholder value: years of managerial excellence testify to this achievement. Many also know how to create stakeholder value _ through traditional approaches such as CSR and philanthropy which predictably lead to trade-offs and added costs. What remains elusive is discovering is how to meet both shareholder and stakeholder requirements in the core business _ without mediocrity and without compromise _ creating value for the company that cannot be disentangled from the value it creates for society and the environment. What if sustainability was embedded into the DNA of your organization? How can you incorporate environmental, health and social value into its very core? Many companies, despite their best intentions, qbolt onq sustainability as an afterthought to their core strategies. They trumpet green initiatives and social philanthropy which lie at the margins of the business, with symbolic wins that inadvertently highlight the unsustainability of the rest of their activities. Today's ecological and social pressures require a different business response _ one that existing strategy frameworks fail adequately to address. In Embedded Sustainability, authors Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva explain and predict how companies can better leverage global challenges for enduring profit and sustained growth. They introduce the marquis concept of embedded sustainability: the incorporation of environmental, health, and social value into the heartbeat of the product life-cycle with no trade-off in price or quality _ no social or green premium. This book helps readers to comprehend and implement the notion of embedded sustainability. At its best, embedded sustainability is invisible, similar to quality. In addition to delivering socially and environmentally conscious products for consumers, it is capable of considerably motivating employees. Most of all, it enables smart companies to create even more value for both their shareholders and stakeholders.226 MotorTrend reported in2004 thata€œthe twoseat Insightwas first tomarket in late1999, andthe Prius sedan arrived soonafter. ... FrankMarkus, a€œRoad Test:2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, 2004 Toyota Prius, 2004 Honda Insight, 2003 Toyota Prius, a€ Motor Trend, May 2004; ... 242 a€œLexus Hybrid Interactive Guide: LS 600 h La€; www.lexus.com/hybridbrochure/ls_600h_l.html, accessed July 27, 2010. 243 J. Ewinganbsp;...

Title:Embedded Sustainability
Author:Chris Laszlo, Nadya Zhexembayeva
Publisher:Greenleaf Publishing - 2011-03-01


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